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[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2018-01 Free-Electron-Laser Coherent Diffraction Images Individual Drug-Carrying Liposome Particles in Solution Y. Hwu; C. -F. Huang; K.S. Liang; T.L. Hsu; T.T. Lee; Y.Y. Chen; S.M. Yang; H.H. Chen; S.H. Huang; W.H. Chang; P. Chen; T.K. Lee; K.E. Peng; C.C. Chen; C.Z. Shi; Y.F. Hu; G. Margaritondo; T. Ishikawa; C.H. Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-12 Design and performance of a hard x-ray scanning microscope at the nanoprobe beamline of NSLS-II Y. Chu; E. Nazaretski; H. Yan; K. Lauer; N. Bouet; X. Huang; W. Xu; J. Zhou; D. Shu; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-12 Q&A: Why use synchrotron x-ray tomography for multi-scale connectome mapping? Y. Hwu; G. Margaritondo; A. S. Chiang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016-01 Evaluation of the intracellular uptake and cytotoxicity effect of TiO2 nanostructures for various human oral and lung cells under dark conditions R. S. Liu; C. W. Chen; J. H. Huang; T. C. Lai; Y. H. Jan; M. Hsiao; C. H. Chen; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-11 Gold nanoparticles as multimodality imaging agents for brain gliomas Y. Hwu; Sheng-Feng Lai; Bai-Hung Ko; Chia-Chi Chien; Chia-Ju Chang; Shun-Ming Yang; Hsiang-Hsin Chen; Cyril Petibois; Dueng-Yuan Hueng; Shuk-Man Ka; Ann Chen; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-09 X-ray-induced Cu deposition and patterning on insulators at room temperature Eng Soon Tok; Pei-Cheng Hsu; Edwin B. L. Ong; Chang-Hai Wang; Y. Hwu; J. H. Je; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-09 X-ray irradiation synthesis of PEG-coated Au-Pd nanoparticles Y. Hwu; Min-Tsang Li; Chang-Hai Wang; Sheng-Feng Lai; Edwin B. L. Ong; Y. H. Chen; Chung-Kwei Lin; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-02 Ancient administrative handwritten documents: X-ray analysis and imaging G. Margaritondo; F. Albertin; A. Astolfo; M. Stampanoni; E. Peccenini; Y. Hwu; F. Kaplan
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-02 X-ray spectrometry and imaging for ancient administrative handwritten documents G. Margaritondo; F. Albertin; A. Astolfo; M. Stampanoni; E. Peccenini; Y. Hwu; F. Kaplan
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-01 Gold Nanoparticles: BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin) Coating and X-ray Irradiation Produce Variable-spectrum Photoluminescence Y. Hwu; Kuo-Hao Lee; Sheng-Feng Lai; Yan-Cheng Lin; Wu-Ching Chou; Edwin B.L. Ong; Hui-Ru Tan,; Eng Soon Tok; C. S. Yang; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-12 Firefly Light Flashing: Oxygen Supply Mechanism Y. Hwu; Yueh-Lin Tsai; Chia-Wei Li; Tzay-Ming Hong; Jen-Zon Ho; En-Cheng Yang; Wen-Yen Wu; G. Margaritondo; Su-Ting Hsu; Edwin B. L. Ong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-03 Design and performance of a scanning ptychography microscope E. Nazaretski,; X. Huang; H. Yan; K. Lauer; R. Conley; N. Bouet; J. Zhou; W. Xu; D. Eom; D. Legnini; R. Harder; C.-H. Lin; Y.-S. Chen; Y. Hwu; Y. S. Chu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-03 Pegylated Gold Nanoparticles Induce Apoptosis in Human Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cells Y. S. Chu; E. Nazaretski; X. Huang; Y. Hwu; H. Yan; K. Lauer; R. Conley; N. Bouet; J. Zhou; W. Xu; D. Eom; D. Legnini; R. Harder; C.-H. Lin; Y.-S. Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-01 Image Alignment for Tomography Reconstruction from Synchrotron X-Ray Microscopic Images Y. -T. Ching; C. -C. Cheng; C. -C. Chien; H. -H. Chen; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-12 At the frontiers of high-resolution hard-x-ray microscopy: an international programme G. Margaritondo; S. R. Wu; C. H. Lin; Y. S. Chen; Y. Y. Chen; Y. Hwu; Y. S. Chu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-12 Phase contrast: the frontier of x-ray and electron imaging Y. Hwu; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-09 Morpho-spectral imaging in the biosciences C. Petibois; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-08 Radiotherapy of the Excretable Radioactive Gold Nanocomposite with Intratumoral Injection C. S. Yang; F.-S. Lin; C.-H. Chen; F. G. Tseng; Y. Hwu; J. K. Chen; S. Y. Lin
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-05 Annealing Effect on the Properties of Cu(In0.7Ga0.3)Se-2 Thin Films Grown by Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Deposition C. W. Cheng; M. G. Tsai; H. T. Tung; I. G. Chen; C. C. Chen; Y. F. Wu; X. D. Qi; Y. Hwu; C. Y. Lin; P. H. Wu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-05 Imaging cells and sub-cellular structures with ultrahigh resolution full-field X-ray microscopy G. Margaritondo; C. C. Chien; P. Y. Tseng; H. H. Chen; T. E. Hua; S. T. Chen; Y. Y. Chen; W. H. Leng; C. H. Wang; Y. Hwu; G. C. Yin; K. S. Liang; F. R. Chen; Y. S. Chu; H. I. Yeh; Y. C. Yang; C. S. Yang; G. L. Zhang; J. H. Je
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-04 Cu(In1-xGax)S-2 nanocrystals and films: low-temperature synthesis with size and composition control Y. Hwu; H. T. Tung; I. G. Chen; J. M. Song; M. G. Tsai; I. M. Kempson; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-08 X-ray imaging of tumor growth in live mice by detecting gold-nanoparticle-loaded cells G. Margaritondo; Chia-Chi Chien; Hsiang-Hsin Chen; Sheng-Feng Lai; Y. Hwu; C. S. Yang; Y. Chu; Cyril Petibois
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-04 Size control of gold nanoparticles by intense X-ray irradiation: the relevant parameters and imaging applications G. Margaritondo; Sheng-Feng Lai; Chia-Chi Chien; Wen-Chang Chen; Yi-Yun Chen; Chang-Hai Wang; Y. Hwu; C. S. Yang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-12 Complete microscale profiling of tumor microangiogenesis A microradiological methodology reveals fundamental aspects of tumor angiogenesis and yields an array of quantitative parameters for its characterization G. Margaritondo; Chia-Chi Chien; Ivan M. Kempson; C. L. Wang; H. S. Chen; Y. Hwu; N. Y. Chen; T. K. Lee; Cyril Petibois; Kelvin K.-C. Tsai; Ming-Sheng Liu; Kwang-Yu Chang; C. S. Yang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-12 Controlled hydrogel photopolymerization inside live systems by X-ray irradiation G. Margaritondo; S.-Ja Tseng; Chia-Chi Chien; Zi-Xian Liao; Hsiang-Hisn Chen; Yi-Da Kang; Cheng-Liang Wang; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-12 Microwave synthesis of gold nanoparticles: Effect of applied microwave power and solution pH Sunshin Jung; Seung Kwon Seol; Daeho Kim; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-10 Full-field microimaging with 8 keV X-rays achieves a spatial resolutions better than 20 nm G. Margaritondo; Tsung-Yu Chen; Yu-Tung Chen; Cheng-Liang Wang; Ivan M. Kempson; Wah-Keat Lee; Yong S. Chu; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-07 One-pot Tuning of Au Nucleation and Growth: From Nanoclusters to Nanoparticles G. Margaritondo; Sheng-Feng Lai; Wen-Chang Chen; Cheng-Liang Wang; Hsiang-Hsin Chen; Shin-Tai Chen; Chia-Chi Chien; Yi-Yun Chen; Wen-Ting Hung; Xiaoqing Cai; Enrong Li; Ivan M. Kempson; Y. Hwu; C. S. Yang; Eng-Soon Tok; Hui Ru Tan; Ming Lin
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-06 High-resolution hard-X-ray microscopy using second-order zone plate diffraction G. Margaritondo; Jaemock Yi; Yong S. Chu; Yu-Tung Chen; Tsung-Yu Chen; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-04 Hard x-ray Zernike microscopy reaches 30 nm resolution G. Margaritondo; Yu-Tung Chen; Tsung-Yu Chen; Jaemock Yi; Yong S. Chu; Wah-Keat Lee; Cheng-Liang Wang; lvan M. Kempson; Y. Hwu; Vincent Gajdosik
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-04 SR phase contrast imaging to address the evolution of defects during SiC growth Y. Hwu; Mikhail Yu; Tatiana S. Argunova; Gutkin MY; J. H. Je; Evgeniy N; Mokhov; Sergey S. Nagalyuk
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-03 X-ray synthesized PEGylated (polyethylene glycol coated) gold nanoparticles in mice strongly accumulate in tumors G. Margaritondo; Chang-Hai Wang; Chi-Jen Liu; Chia-Chi Chien; Hsin-Tai Chen; Tzu-En Hua; Wei-Hua Leng; Hsiang-Hsin Chen; Ivan M. Kempson; Y. Hwu; Michael Hsiao; Tsung-Ching Lai; J. L. Wang; Chung-Shi Yang; Hong-Ming Lin; Yu-Jen Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-09 Toxicological study of injuries of rat's hippocampus after lead poisoning by synchrotron microradiography and elemental mapping Y. Li; F. Liang; G. L. Zhang; X. H. Xiao; Z. H. Cai; B. Lai; Y. Hwu; C. H. Yan; J. A. Xu; Y. L. Li; M. G. Tan; C. F. Zhang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-07 Dynamical growth behavior of copper clusters during electrodeposition G. Margaritondo; Pei-Cheng Hsu; Yong Chu; Jae-Mock Yi; Cheng-Liang Wang; Syue-Ren Wu; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-11 Intense X-ray induced formation of silver nanoparticles stabilized by biocompatible polymers Hong-Ming Li; Chang-Hai Wang; Chi-Jen Liu; Cheng-Liang Wang; Chia-Chi Chien; Y. Hwu; Ru-Shi Liu; Chung-Shi Yang; Jung-Ho Je
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-09 Enhanced photocatalysis, colloidal stability and cytotoxicity of synchrotron X-ray synthesized Au/TiO2 nanoparticles G. Margaritondo; Chi-Jen Liu; Tsung-Yeh Yang; Chang-HaiWang; Chia-Chi Chien; Shin-Tai Chen; Cheng-Liang Wang; Wei-Hua Leng; Y. Hwu; Hong-Ming Lin; Yao-Chang Lee; Chia-Liang Cheng; J.H. Je
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-07 Tomography Observations of Osteoblast Seeding on 3-D Collagen Scaffold by Synchrotron Radiation Hard X-Ray Y. Hwu; H. Liou; H. M. Lin; W. Chen; W. Liou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-01 The microcontainer shape in electropolymerization on bubbles G. Margaritondo; J. T. Kim; S. K. Seol; J. H. Je; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-11 A coherent synchrotron X-ray microradiology investigation of bubble and droplet coalescence G. Margaritondo; B. M. Weon; J. H. Je; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-09 Optimizing the size and surface properties of polyethylene glycol (PEG) - gold nanoparticles by intense x-ray irradiation Ru-Shi Liu; Chang-Hai Wang; Chi-Jen Liu; Cheng-Liang Wang; Tzu-En Hua; Judy M. Obliosca; K. H. Lee; Y. Hwu; Chung-Shi Yang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-08 Study of mean absorptive potential using Lenz model:Toward quantification of phase contrast from an electrostatic phase plate F. R. Chen; K. F. Chen; C. S. Chang; J. Shiue; Y. Hwu; W. H. Chang; J. J. Kai
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-07 Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Fresnel Zone Plates by E-beam Lithography and Electroplating G. C. Yin, H; Y. T. Chen; T. N. Lo; C. W. Chiu; C. J. Liu; S. R. Wu; S. T. Jeng; C. C. Yang; J. Shiue; C. H. Chen; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-06 Coupled tomography and distinct-element-method approach to exploring the granular media microstructure in a jamming hourglass T. M. Liebling; M. Tsukahara; S. Mitrovic; V. Gajdosik; G. Margaritondo; L. Pournin; M. Ramaioli; D. Sage; Y. Hwu; M. Unser
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-06 Enhanced x-ray irradiation-induced cancer cell damage by gold nanoparticles treated by a new synthesis method of polyethylene glycol modification C. L. Che; C. J. Liu; C. H. Wang; C. C. Chien; T. Y. Yang; S. T. Chen; W. H. Leng; C. F. Lee; K. H. Lee; Y. Hwu; Y. C. Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-05 Decreased surface tension of water by hard-x-ray irradiation G. Margaritondo; B. M. Weon; J. H. Je; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-03 Hydrogen Bubbles and the Growth Morphology of Ramified Zinc by Electrodeposition Liu-Wen Ch; P. C. Hsu; S. K. Seol; T. N. Lo; Chi-Jen Liu; Cheng-Liang Wang; Chao-Sung Lin; Y. Hwu; Chih-Hsiung Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-03 Stable Freestanding Thin Films of Pure Water G. Margaritondo; B. M. Weon; J. H. Je; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-01 Morphological study of early-stage lung cancer using synchrotron radiation G. Margaritondo; Ping Liu; Jianqi Sun; Yijing Guan; Weisheng Yue; Lisa X. Xu; Yan Li; Guilin Zhang; Y. Hwu; Jung Ho Je
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-09 Structural properties of‘naked’gold nanoparticles formed by synchrotron X-ray irradiation Jung-Ho; Chang-Hai Wang; Chia-Chi Chien; Yen-Lu Yu; Chi-Jen Liu; Cheng-Feng Lee; Chih-Hsiung Chen; Y. Hwu; Chong-Shi Yang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-08 Role of micropipes in the formation of pores at foreign polytype boundaries in SiC crystals Y. Hwu; M. Y. Gutkin; A. G. Sheinerman; T. S. Argunova; J. M. Yi; J. H. Je; S. S. Nagalyuk; E. N. Mokhov; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-06 Aqueous gold nanosols stabilized by electrostatic protection generated by X-ray irradiation assisted radical reduction G. Margaritondo; Chang-Hai Wang; Tzu-En Hua; Chia-Chi Chien; Yen-Lu Yu; Tsung-Yeh Yang; Chi-Jen Liu; Wei-Hua Leng; Y. Hwu; Yung-Chin Yang; Chong-Cook Kim; Jung-Ho Je; Chih-Hsiung Chen; Hong-Ming Lin
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-05 E-beam lithography and electrodeposition fabrication of thick nanostructured devices Y. Hwu; T. N. Lo; Y. T. Chen; C. W. Chiu; C. J. Liu; S. R. Wu; I. K. Lin; C. I. Su; W. D. Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-04 X-ray bright-field imaging analyzes crystalline quality and defects of SiC wafers G. Margaritondo; J. M. Yi; Y. S. Chu; Y. Zhong; J. H. Je; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-12 Imaging Cells in Tissues with Refractive Index Radiology G.M. Chow; Y. Hwu; W. L. Tsai; H. M. Chang; H. I. Yeh; P.C. Hsu; Y. C. Yang; Y. T. Su; H.L.Tsai
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-11 The ICPCIR (International Consortium on Phase Contrast Imaging and Radiology) Beamline at the Pohang Light Source G. Margaritondo; S. Baik; H.S. Kim; M.H. Jeong; C.S. Lee; J. H. Je; Y. Hwu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-09 Metal/GaN reaction chemistry and their electrical properties J. H. Je; C. C. Kim; S. K. Seol; J. K. Kim; J.-L. Lee; Y. Hwu; P. Ruterana; G. Magaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-07 Synchrotron Radiation in Radiology - Part II: Radiology Techniques Based on Synchrotron Sources R. Meuli; Y. Hwu; J. H. Je; G. Margaritondo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-02 Coherent Microradiology observes a Critical Cathode-Anode Distance Effect in Localized Electrochemical Deposition (LECD) G. Margaritondo; S. K. Seol; J. M. Yi; x. Jin; C. C. Kim; J. H. Je; W. L. Tsai; P. C. Hsu; Y. Hwu; C. H. Chen; L. W. Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2002-02 Electrochemistry: building on bubbles in metal electrodeposition. G. Margaritondo; W. L. Tsai; P.C. Hsu; Y. Hwu; C.H. Chen; L.W. Chang; H.M. Lin; J. H. Je; A. Groso


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