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[機械與機電工程學系] 期刊論文 2010-08 Verifying expressed transcript variants by detecting and assembling stretches of consecutive exons Tzu-Hung Hsiao; Chien-Hong Lin; Te-Tsui Lee; Ji-Yen Cheng; Pei-Kuen Wei; Eric Y. Chuang; Konan Peck
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-07 Electrostatic-field-tunable ferroelectric template for photoreduction of silver nanostructures applied in Raman scattering enhancement Pei-Kuen Wei; Tzyy-Jann Wang; Hsi-Yang Hsu; Hsuan-Wei Chang; Hai-Pang Chiang; Yi-Ru Li
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-05 Chip-based digital surface plasmon resonance sensing platform for ultrasensitive biomolecular detection Pei-Kuen Wei; Ming-Yang Pan; Kuang-Li Lee; Likarn Wang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-04 Development of radio-frequency heating-assisted nanoimprint with PETG solution for nanostructure-based biosensors Pei-Kuen Wei; Tsung-Yeh Wu; Hsuan-Yeh Hsu; Kuang-Li Lee; Sen-Yeu Yang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-03 Enhancing angular sensitivity of plasmonic nanostructures using mode transition in hexagonal gold nanohole arrays Pei-Kuen Wei; En-Hung Lin; Wan-Shao Tsai; Kuang-Li Lee; Ming-Chang M. Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-03 Highly Sensitive Aluminum-Based Biosensors using Tailorable Fano Resonances in Capped Nanostructures Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Hsuan-Yeh Hsu; Meng-Lin You; Chia-Chun Chang; Ming-Yang Pan; Xu Shi; Hiroaki Misawa; Kosei Ueno
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016-09 Enhancing the Surface Sensitivity of Metallic Nanostructures UsingOblique-Angle-Induced Fano Resonances Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Chia-Chun Chang; Meng-Lin You; Ming-Yang Pan
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016-07 Quality Detection of Alcoholic Beverages Using Optical Fiber Tips Pei-Kuen Wei; Yi-Hsin Tai; Ming-Yang Pan; En-Hung Lin; Ding-Wei Huang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016-03 Evolution of Gold Nanoparticle Clusters in Living Cells Studied by Sectional Dark-Field Optical Microscopy and Chromatic Analysis Pei-Kuen Wei; Sheng-Hann Wang; Chia-Wei Lee; Fan-Gang Tseng; Kuo-Kan Liang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016-02 Visualization of biosensors using enhanced surface plasmon resonances in capped silver nanostructures Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Meng-Lin You; Cheng-Lin Tsai; Chia-Yu Hung; Shu-Yi Hsieha
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016-01 Nanoplasmonic biochips for rapid label-free detection of imidacloprid pesticides with a smartphone Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Meng-Lin You; Chia-Hsin Tsai; En-Hung Lin; Shu-Yi Hsieh; Ming-Hsun Ho; Ju-Chun Hsu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016-01 Sensitive Detection of Small Particles in Fluids Using Optical Fiber Tip with Dielectrophoresis Pei-Kuen Wei; Yi-Hsin Tai; Dao-Ming Chang; Ming-Yang Pan; Ding-Wei Huang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-08 Creating Optical Near-Field Orbital Angular Momentum in a Gold Metasurface Chen-Bin Huang; Ching-Fu Chen; Chen-Ta Ku; Yi-Hsin Tai; Pei-Kuen Wei; Heh-Nan Lin
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-07 Ultraviolet-enhanced room-temperature gas sensing by using floccule-like zinc oxide nanostructures Wei-Cheng Tian; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Wen-Sheng Huang; Hao-Chun Chang; Pei-Kuen Wei; Horn-Jiunn Sheen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-05 Label-Free Detection of Rare Cell in Human Blood Using Gold Nano Slit Surface Plasmon Resonance Ji-Yen Cheng; Mansoureh Z. Mousavi; Huai-Yi Chen; Hsien-San Hou; Chou-Yuan-Yuan Chang; Steve Roffler; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-04 Urinary micro-RNA biomarker detection using capped gold nanoslit SPR in a microfluidic chip Ji-Yen Cheng; Mansoureh Z. Mousavi; Huai-Yi Chen; Kuang-Li Lee; Heng Lin; Hsi-Hsien Chen; Yuh-Feng Lin; Chung-Shun Wong; Hsiao Fen Li; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-03 Efficiency enhancement of organic solar cells using peroxo-polytitanic acid coated silver nanowires as transparent electrodes Pei-Kuen Wei; Wei-Feng Xu; Ming-Chin Tsai; Po-Han Fu; Tzu-Yen Huang; Ming-Yang Pan; Shan-Jung Yang; Ding-Wei Huang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-03 Efficiency enhancement of top-illuminated ITO-free organic solar cells using plasmonic-assisted nanostructured reflective electrodes Pei-Kuen Wei; Wei-Feng Xu; Ming-Yang Pan; Po-Han Fu; Shih-Wei Li; Ding-Wei Huang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-12 Chromatogram Analysis on Revealing Aggregated Number and Location of Gold Nanoparticles Within Living Cells Pei-Kuen Wei; Sheng-Hann Wang; Chia-Wei Lee; Ming-Yang Pan; Shu-Yi Hsieh; Fan-Gang Tseng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-11 Efficiency enhancement of organic light-emitting devices by using honeycomb metallic electrodes and two-dimensional photonic crystal arrays Pei-Kuen Wei; Kai-Yu Peng; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Da-Hua Wei; Yueh-Chung Yu; Yeong-Der Yao; Wei-Cheng Tian
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-08 Enhancing detection sensitivity of metallic nanostructures by resonant coupling mode and spectral integration analysis Pei-Kuen Wei; En-Hung Lin; Wan-Shao Tsai; Kuang-Li Lee; Ming-Chang M. Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-08 Spectral and mode properties of surface plasmon polariton waveguides studied by near-field excitation and leakage-mode radiation measurement Pei-Kuen Wei; Ming-Yang Pan; En-Hong Lin; Likarn Wang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-06 The effect of acidic pH on the inhibitory efficacy of peptides against the interaction ICAM-1/LFA-1 studied by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) Arthur Chiou; Shu-Han Wu; David Núnez; Shih-Yang Hu; María Pilar Domingo; Yi-Chun Chen; Pei-Kuen Wei; Julián Pardo; Eva M Gálvezc
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-04 Enhancing surface plasmon polariton propagation by two-layer dielectric-loaded waveguides on silver surface Pei-Kuen Wei; Ming-Yang Pan; En-Hong Lin; Likarn Wang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-03 Enhancing DNA binding rate using optical trapping of high-density gold nanodisks Pei-Kuen Wei; En-Hung Lin; Ming-Yang Pan; Ming-Chang Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-02 Dynamic Monitoring of Mechano-Sensing of Cells by Gold Nanoslit Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Pei-Kuen Wei; Shu-Han Wu; Kuang-Li Lee; Ruei-Hung Weng; Zhao-Xian Zheng; Arthur Chiou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014-01 Efficiency improvement of organic bifunctional devices by applying omnidirectional antireflection nanopillars Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Hsun Liang; Shun-Wei Liu; Wei-Cheng Tian; Fang-Chung Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-12 Increased detection sensitivity of surface plasmon sensors using oblique induced resonant coupling Pei-Kuen Wei; Wan-Shao Tsai; Kuang-Li Lee; Ming-Yang Pan
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-11 Comparison of light out-coupling enhancements in single-layer bluephosphorescent organic light emitting diodes using small-molecule or polymer hosts Chih-I Wu; Yung-Ting Chang; Shun-Wei Liu; Chih-Hsien Yuan; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Kuan-Yu Chen; Yi-Ting Lee; Min-Fei Wu; Chih-Chien Lee; Pei-Kuen Wei; Chin-Ti Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-09 Cell viability monitoring using Fano resonance in gold nanoslit array Pei-Kuen Wei; Shu-Han Wu; Shu-Yi Hsieh; Kuang-Li Lee; Ruei-Hung Weng; Arthur Chiou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-08 Transparent electrode for organic solar cells using multilayer structures with nanoporous silver film Pei-Kuen Wei; Wei-Feng Xua; Chun-Chieh Chi; Ding-Wei Hung
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-05 Magnetic nanoparticle-enhanced SPR on gold nanoslits for ultra-sensitive, label-free detection of nucleic acid biomarkers Ji-Yen Cheng; Mansoureh Z. Mousavi; Huai-Yi Chena; Shu-Han Wua; Shih-Wei Peng; Kuang-Li Lee; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-05 High-Throughput Label-Free Detection Using Gold Nanoslit Array with 2D Spectral Images and Spectral Integration Methods Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Jui-Ting Tsai; Min-Jian Chih; Yeong-Der Yao
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-04 Enhanced light out-coupling of organic light-emitting diode using metallic nanomesh electrodes and microlens array Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Kuan-Yu Chen; Kai-Yu Peng; Ming-Chih Tsai; Wei-Cheng Tian
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-04 Optofluidic Platform for Real-time Monitoring of Live Cell Secretory Activities Using Fano Resonance in Gold Nanoslits Pei-Kuen Wei; Shu-Han Wu; Kuang-Li Lee; Arthur Chiou; Xuanhong Cheng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-11 Optimization of polymer light emitting devices using TiOx electron transport layers and prism sheets Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Yung-Ting Chang; Shun-Wei Liu; Hsiao-Han Lai; Chih-Wei Chu; Chih-I Wu; Wei-Cheng Tian
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-11 Refractive index profiling of an optical waveguide from the determination of the effective index with measured differential fields. Pei-Kuen Wei; Wan-Shao Tsai; San-Yu Ting
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-07 Improving Surface Plasmon Detection in Gold Nanostructures Using a Multi-Polarization Spectral Integration Method Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Ding-Wei Huang; Yung-Ting Chang; Ya-Han Ye; Chih-Wei Chu; Wei-Cheng Tian; Chin-Ti Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-07 Near-field dynamic study of the nanoacoustic effect on the extraordinary transmission in gold nanogratings Chi-Kuang Sun; Szu-Chi Yang; Hung-Pin Chen; Hui-Hsin Hsiao; Pei-Kuen Wei; Hung-Chun Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-06 Enhancing Surface Plasmon Detection Using Template-Stripped Gold Nanoslit Arrays on Plastic Films Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Pei-Wen Chen; Shu-Han Wu; Jhih-Bin Huang; Sen-Yeu Yang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-03 Enhanced localized plasmonic detections using partially-embedded gold nanoparticles and ellipsometric measurements Yia-Chung Chang; Rakesh Singh Moirangthem; Mohammad Tariq Yaseen; Pei-Kuen Wei; Ji-Yen Cheng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-01 Improve efficiency of white organic light-emitting diodes by using nanosphere arrays in color conversion layers Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Ding-Wei Huang; Yung-Ting Chang; Ya-Han Ye; Chih-Wei Chu; Wei-Cheng Tian; Chin-Ti Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-11 Sensitive biosensors using Fano resonance in single gold nanoslit with periodic grooves Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Shu-Han Wu; Chia-Wei Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-08 Ellipsometry study on gold-nanoparticle-coated gold thin film for biosensing application Pei-Kuen Wei; Rakesh Singh Moirangthem; Yia-Chung Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-08 Optimization of periodic gold nanostructures for intensity-sensitive detection Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-07 Refractive index measurement of optical waveguides using modified end-fire coupling method. Pei-Kuen Wei; Wan-Shao Tsai; Sheng-Chieh Piao
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-06 Transparent and conductive metallic electrodes fabricated by using nanosphere lithography Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Kuan-Yu Chen; Shun-Wei Liu; Yung-Ting Chang; Ding-Wei Huang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-05 Near-Field Coupling Method for Subwavelength Surface Plasmon Polariton Waveguides Pei-Kuen Wei; Shen-Yu Hsu; Tai-Hsiang Jen; En-Hong Lin
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-04 Efficiency enhancement of flexible organic light-emitting devices by using antireflection nanopillars Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Hsuan Ho; Chung-Chun Liu; Shun-Wei Liu; Hsun Liang; Chih-Wei Chu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-04 Investigation of Investigation of surface plasmon biosensing using gold nanoparticles enhanced ellipsometry Pei-Kuen Wei; Rakesh Singh Moirangthem; Yia-Chung Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-04 Large-area Raman enhancement substrates using spontaneous dewetting of gold films and silver nanoparticles deposition Chia-Wei Lee; Tzu-Yi Liao; Ba-Yan Lee; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011-04 Structure Effect on Sensitivity of Gold Nanoslits Studied by Spectral Integration Method Kuang-Li Lee; Yi-Hsin Tai; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-12 Size-Dependent Endocytosis of Gold Nanoparticles Studied by Three-Dimensional Mapping of Plasmonic Scattering Images Pei-Kuen Wei; Sheng-Hann Wang; Chia-Wei Lee; Arthur Chiou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-09 Enhancing Surface Plasmon Detection Using Ultrasmall Nanoslits and Multispectral Integration Method Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-08 Surface plasmon resonance ellipsometry based sensor for studying biomolecular interaction Pei-Kuen Wei; Rakesh Singh Moirangthem; Yia-Chung Chang; Shih-Hsin Hsu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-03 Sensitive Liquid Refractive Index Sensors using Tapered Optical Fiber Tips Yi-Hsin Tai; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-01 Cesium doped and undoped ZnO nanocrystalline thin films: a comparative study of structural andmicro-Raman investigation of optical phonons J. Kumare; R. Thangavel; Rakesh Singh Moirangthem; Wei-Shan Lee; Yia-Chung Chang; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-01 Optical metrology of randomly-distributed Au colloids on a multilayer film Y D Kim; Chi-Shin Hsu; Yia-Chung Chang; Yi-Chun Chen; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-11 Intensity sensitivity of gold nanostructures and its application for high-throughput biosensing Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Shu-Han Wu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-07 Giant Birefringence Induced by Plasmonic Nanoslit Arrays Pei-Kuen Wei; Shen-Yu Hsu; Kuang-Li Lee; En-Hong Lin; Ming-Chang Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-03 The One-Dimensional Dynamics and Transport of DNA Molecules in a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Nanoslit W. S. Fann; Po-Keng Lin; Keng-hui Lin; Chi-Cheng Fu; K.-C. Lee; Pei-Kuen Wei; Woei-Wu Pai; Pei-Hsi Tsao; Y.-L. Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-10 Single Live Cell Refractometer Using Nanoparticles Coated Fiber Tip Pei-Kuen Wei; Jung-Yan Lee; Chia-Wei Lee; En-Hong Lin
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-09 Sensitive Label-Free Biosensors by Using Gap Plasmons in Gold Nanoslits 魏培坤; 李光立; 王維新; Kuang-Li Lee; Way-Seen Wang; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-09 Comparisons of Surface Plasmon Sensitivities in Periodic Gold Nanostructures Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Way-Seen Wang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-03 Obervation of nanoparticle internalization on cellular membranes by using noninterferometric widefield optical profilometry Chau-Hwang Lee; Chun-Chieh Wang; Chia-Wei Lee; Chia-Yun Huang; Jiunn-Yuan Lin; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008-03 Optical nanometrology of Au nanoparticles on a multilayer film Young Dong Kim; Yia-Chung Chang; Shih-Hsin Hsu; Pei-Kuen Wei
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-08 Sensitive biosensor array using surface plasmon resonance on metallic nanoslits. Pei-Kuen Wei; Kun-Li Lee; Way-Seen Wang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-08 Two-Dimensional Refractive Index Profiling by Using Differential Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy” Pei-Kuen Wei; Wan-Shao Tsai; Way-Seen Wang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-07 Sensitive Detection of Nanoparticles using Metallic Nanoslit Arrays Pei-Kuen Wei; Kuang-Li Lee; Chia-Wei Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-05 Fabrication of a close-packed hemispherical submicron lens array and its application in photolithography Pei-Kuen Wei; Wei-Lun Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-01 Static conformation and dynamics of single DNA molecules confined in nanoslits W. S. Fann; Po-Keng Lin; Chi-Cheng Fu; Y.-L. Chen; Yan-Ru Chen; Pei-Kuen Wei; C. H. Kuan
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-01 Characterization and applications of single fluorescent nanodiamonds as cellular biomarkers Wunshain Fann; Chi-Cheng Fu; Hsu-Yang Lee; Kowa Chen; Tsong-Shin Lim; Hsiao-Yun Wu; Po-Keng Lin; Pei-Kuen Wei; Pei-Hsi Tsao; Huan-Cheng Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2006-10 Fabrication of photonic bandgap structures with designed defects by edge diffraction lithography Pei-Kuen Wei; Wei-Lun Chang; Shieh-Li Chou; You-Ren Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2006-03 Fabricating Subwavelength Array Structures Using a Near-field Photolithographic Method Pei-Kuen Wei; Wei-Lun Chang; Yu-Jen Chang
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2005-12 Off-angle illumination induced surface plasmon coupling in subwavelength metallic slits Wunshain Fann; Pei-Kuen Wei; Yu-Chieh Huang; Ching-Chang Chieng; Fan-Gang Tseng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2005-04 Light Emission in Phase Separated Conjugated and Non-Conjugated Polymer Blends Pei-Kuen Wei; Hsieh-Li Chou; Shen-Yi Hsu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2005-03 Near-Field Magneto-Optical Microscopy Using the Surface Plasmon Wave and the Transverse Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Yung-Der Yao; Pei-Kuen Wei; Hsieh-Li Chou; You-Ren Cheng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-06 Room temperature vibrational photoluminescence and field emission of nanoscaled tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum crystalline film Pei-Kuen Wei; Jiann-Jong Chiu; Way-Seen Wang; Chi-Chung Kei; Chun-Pey Cho; Tsong P. Perng; Sheng-Yu Chiu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-06 Topography Induced Polarization Anisotropy in Mesoscale Structures Pei-Kuen Wei; Hsieh-Li Chou; Yi-Chun Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-03 Subwavelength focusing in the near field in mesoscale air-dielectric structures Yi-Chun Chen; Pei-Kuen Wei; Hsieh-Li Chou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2003-07 Diffraction-induced near-field optical images in mesoscale air-dielectric structures Wei-Lun Chang; Pei-Kuen Wei; Hsieh-Li Chou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2002-05 Determination of Mesoscale Crystallization by Collection-Mode Polarization Modulated Near-Field Optical Microcopy Wei-Lun Chang; Pei-Kuen Wei; Sheng-Yu Chiu


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