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"Pai-An Hwang"的相关文件  


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类别 日期 题名 作者
[食品科學系] 博碩士論文 2004 台灣產有毒螺類之毒性、蓄毒機制及毒素結合蛋白之研究 Pai-An Hwang; 黃培安
[環境生物與漁業科學學系] 期刊論文 2005-08 Identification of tetrodotoxin in a marine gastropod (Nassarius glans) responsible for human morbidity and mortality in Taiwan. Hwang PA; Tsai YH; Deng JF; Cheng CA; Ho PH; Hwang DF
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2017 Fabrication and Cytotoxicity of Fucoidan-Cisplatin Nanoparticles for Macrophage and Tumor Cells Pai-An Hwang; Xiao-Zhen Lin; Ko-Liang Kuo; Fu-Yin Hsu
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2017 Oligo-Fucoidan prevents IL-6 and CCL2 production and cooperates with p53 to suppress ATM signaling and tumor progression. Li-Mei Chen; Po-Yen Liu; Yen-An Chen; Hong-Yu Tseng; Pei-Chun Shen; Pai-An Hwang; Hsin-Ling Hsu
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2017 Effects of low-molecular-weight fucoidan and high stability fucoxanthin on glucose homeostasis, lipid metabolism, and liver function in a mouse model of type II diabetes. Hong-Ting Victor Lin; OrcID, Yu-Chi Tsou; Yu-Ting Chen; Wen-Jung Lu; Pai-An Hwang
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2017 Oligo-fucoidan prevents renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis by inhibiting the CD44 signal pathway. Cheng-Hsien Chen; Yuh-Mou Sue; Chung-Yi Cheng; Yen-Cheng Chen; Chung-Te Liu; Yung-Ho Hsu; Pai-An Hwang; Nai-Jen Huang; Tso-Hsiao Chen
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2016-08 A mechanism of low molecular weight fucoidans degraded by enzymatic and acidic hydrolysis for the prevention of UVB damage Pai-An Hwang; Ming-De Yan; Ko-Liang Kuo; Nam Nhut Phan; Yen-Chang Lin
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2016 Low-molecular-weight fucoidan and high-stability fucoxanthin from brown seaweed exert prebiotics and anti-inflammatory activities in Caco-2 cells. Hwang, P. A.; Phan, N. N.; u, W. J.; Hieu, B. T. N.; Lin, Y. C.
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2015-09-24 Fucoidan elevates microrna-29b to regulate DNMT3B-MTSS1 axis and inhibit EMT in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells Ming-De Yan; Chih-Jung Yao; Jyh-Ming Chow; Chia-Lun Chang; Pai-An Hwang; Shuang-En Chuang; Jacqueline Whang-Peng; Gi-Ming Lai
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2015-08 The Brown Seaweed Sargassum hemiphyllum Exhibits α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity and Enhances Insulin Release in Vitro Hwang, P. A.; Hung, Y. L; Tsai, Y. K.; Chien, S. Y.; Kong, Z. L.
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2015-08 The In vitro and In Vivo effects of the low molecular weight fucoidan on the bone osteogenic differentiation properties Pai-An Hwang; Yu-Lan Hung; Nam Nhut Phan; Bui-Thi-Ngoc Hieu; Po-Ming Chang; Kuan-Lun Li; Yen-Chang Lin
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2015-07-17 Low molecular weight fucoidan inhibits tumor angiogenesis through downregulation of HIF-1α/VEGF signaling under hypoxia Meng-Chuan Chen; Wen-Lin Hsu; Pai-An Hwang; Tz-Chong Chou
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2015-06 Inhibitory effects of high stability fucoxanthin on palmitic acid-induced lipid accumulation in human adipose-derived stem cells through modulation of long non-coding RNA Lin, W. C.; Shih, P. H.; Wang, W.; Wu, C. H.; Hsia, S. M.; Wang, H. J.; Hwang, P. A.; Wang, C. Y.; Chen, S. H.; Kuo, Y. T
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2015-03-23 Inhibitory activity of Sargassum hemiphyllum sulfated polysaccharide in arachidonic acid-induced animal models of inflammation Hwang, P. A.; Hung, Y. L.; Chien, S. Y.
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2014-09 Fucoidan inhibition of lung cancer in vivo and in vitro: role of the Smurf2-dependent ubiquitin proteasome pathway in TGFβ receptor degradation Hsien-Yeh Hsu; Tung-Yi Lin; Yu-Chung Wu; Shu-Ming Tsao; Pai-An Hwang; Yu-Wei Shih; Jason Hsu
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2014-06 Production of Bacillus subtilis-fermented red alga Porphyra dentata suspension with fibrinolytic and immune-enhancing activities Hong-Ting Victor Lin; Pai-An Hwang; Tzu-Chun Lin; Guo-Jane Tsai
[生命科學系] 期刊論文 2014 Fucoxanthin-containing Ethanolic Extract from Sargassum hemiphyllum Inhibits Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Cells Pai-An Hwang; Yu-Lan Hung; Shu-Yun Gau; Chwen-Herng Wu; Yu-Chi Chou
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2018-10 Fabrication and Characterization of Strontium-Substituted Hydroxyapatite-CaO-CaCO3 Nanofibers with a Mesoporous Structure as Drug Delivery Carriers Tsai SW; Yu WX; Hwang PA; Huang SS; Lin HM; Hsu YW; Hsu FY
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2017-05 Fucoidan ameliorates pancreatic β-cell death and impaired insulin synthesis in streptozotocin-treated β cells and mice via a Sirt-1-dependent manner. Yu, W. C; Chen, Y. L; Hwang, P. A; Chen, T. H; Chou, T. C
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2016-06 Toxicological evaluation of low molecular weight fucoidan in Vitro and in Vivo. Hwang PA; Yan MD; Lin HT; Li KL; Lin YC
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2013-04 Fucoidan induces changes in the epithelial to mesenchymal transition and decreases metastasis by enhancing ubiquitin-dependent TGFβ receptor degradation in breast cancer. Hsu HY; Lin TY; Hwang PA; Tseng LM; Chen RH; Tsao SM; Hsu J
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2012-06 Evaluation of antioxidative activity of Sargassum hemiphyllum ethanolic extract against hydrogen peroxide-induced injury in 3T3-L1 adipocytes Yu-Lan Hung; Pai-An Hwang; Chwen-Herng Wu
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2011-03 Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammatory responses by Sargassum hemiphyllum sulfated polysaccharide extract in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells Hwang PA; Chien SY; Chan YL; Lu MK; Wu CH; Kong ZL; Wu CJ
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2011-02 Neuroprotective effects of the lipidic extract from integument of squid Dosidicus gigas Hwang, P. A; Tsai, Y. G; Gau, S. Y; Hung, Y. L; Fan, C. C
[生命科學暨生物科技學系] 期刊論文 2010-12 Evaluation of antioxidative and immune activity of water extracts from three brown seaweeds Yu-Lan Hung; Pai-An Hwang; Chwen-Herng Wu
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2016-12 Enhanced anti-inflammatory activity of brown seaweed Laminariajaponica by fermentation using Bacillus subtilis Hong-Ting Victor Lin; Wen-Jung Lu; Guo-Jane Tsai; Chein-Te Chou; Hsin-I Hsiao; Pai-An Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2016-06 Toxicological evaluation of low molecular weight fucoidan in vitro and in vivo Hwang PA; Yan MD; Lin HT; Li KL; Lin YC
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2014-12-30 Taurine resumed neuronal differentiation in arsenite-treated N2a cells through reducing oxidative stress, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction Chou CT; Lin HT; Hwang PA; Wang ST; Hsieh CH; Hwang DF
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2011-03 Inhibition of LPS-induced Inflammatory Responses by Sargassum hemiphyllum sulfated polysaccharide extract in RAW 264.7 Macrophage Cells Pai-An Hwang; Shih-Yung Chien; Iqbal Khan; Mei-Kuang Lu; Chwen-Herng Wu; Zwe-Ling Kong; Chang-Jer Wu
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2011 Inhibition of Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-Induced Inflammatory Responses by Sargassum hemiphyllum Sulfated Polysaccharide Extract in RAW 264.7 Pai-An Hwang; Shih-Yung Chien; Yi-Lin Chan; Mei-Kuang Lu; Chwen-Herng Wu; Zwe-Ling Kong; Chang-Jer Wu
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2010 Antioxidant and immune-stimulating activities of hot-water extract from seaweed Sargassum hemiphyllum SARGASSUM HEMIPHYLLUM; Pai-An Hwang; Chwen-Herng Wu; Shu-Yun Gau; S Chien; D F Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2007-06 HPLC determination for prostaglandins from seaweed Gracilaria gigas Bo-Yang Hsu; Ching-Yu Tsao; Tze-Kuei Chiou; Pai-An Hwang; Deng-Fwu Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2007 Paralytic shellfish poison as an attractant for toxic snails Pai-An Hwang; Tamao Noguchi; Deng-Fwu Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2007 Tetrodotoxin-bindingproteinsisolated from fivespecies of toxicgastropods Pai-An Hwang; Yung-Hsiang Tsai; His-Pin Lin; Deng-Fwu Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2007 The gastropods possessing TTX and/or PSP Pai-An Hwang; Yung-Hsiang Tsai; Shin-Jung Lin; Deng-Fwu Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2007 Tetrodotoxin-binding proteins isolated from five species of toxic gastropods Pai-An Hwang; Yung-Hsiang Tsai; His-Pin Lin; Deng-Fwu Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2006-06 Paralytic toxins in four species of coral reef crabs from Kenting National Park in southern Taiwan Ping-Ho Ho; Yung-Hsiang Tsai; Chiu-Chu Hwang; Pai-An Hwang; Jieh-Horng Hwang; Deng-Fwu Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2006-03 Tetrodotoxin in several species of xanthid crabs in southern Taiwan Yung-Hsiang Tsai; Ping-Ho Ho; Chiu-Chi Hwang; Pai-An Hwang; Chao-An Cheng; Deng-Fwu Hwang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2004-11 Neurotoxin tetrodotoxin as attractant for toxic snails Pai-An HWANG; Tamao NOGUCHI; Deng-Fwu HWANG
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2003-03 Paralytic toxins in three new gastropod (Olividae) species implicated in food poisoning in southern Taiwan Hwang PA; Tsai YH; Lu YH; Hwang DF
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2002-08 Identification of tetrodotoxin in marine gastropods implicated in food poisoning Sui LM; Chen K; Hwang PA; Hwang DF


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