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"Meng Tsan Chiang"的相關文件 


顯示 64 項.

類別 日期 題名 作者 檔案
[水產養殖學系] 期刊論文 2012-05 Chitosan reduces plasma adipocytokines and lipid accumulation in liver and adipose tissues and ameliorates insulin resistance in diabetic rats Yu-Lin Hsieh; Hsien-Tsung Yao; Ron-Shan Cheng; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2018-07 Functional Comparison of High and Low Molecular Weight Chitosan on Lipid Metabolism and Signals in High-Fat Diet-Fed Rats Shing-Hwa Liu; Chen-Yuan Chiu; Ching-Ming Shi; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2018-04 Fish oil supplementation alleviates the altered lipid homeostasis in blood, liver and adipose tissues in high-fat diet-fed rats Chen-Yuan Chiu; Shing-Hwa Liu; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Lou-Pin Wang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2017 Functional Comparison for Lipid Metabolism and Intestinal and Fecal Microflora Enzyme Activities between Low Molecular Weight Chitosan and Chitosan Oligosaccharide in High-Fat Diet-Fed Rats. Chen-Yuan Chiu; Shih-An Feng; Shing-Hwa Liu; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2017 Red algae (Gelidium amansii) hot water extracts ameliorate lipid metabolism in hamsters fed a high fat diet Tsung-Han,Yang; Hsien-Tsung,Yao; Meng-Tsan,Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2017 The regulatory effects of fish oil and chitosan on hepatic lipogenic signals in high-fat diet-induced obese rats. Chen-Yuan,Chiu; Tien-Chia,Chang; Shing-Hwa,Liu; Meng-Tsan,Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2017 Long-Term Feeding of Chitosan Ameliorate Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in a High-Fructose-Diet-Impaired Glucose-Tolerance Rat Model Hshuan-Chen,Liu; Chun-Ju,Chang; Tsung-Han,Yang; Meng-Tsan,Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2016-08 Long-term feeding of red algae (Gelidium amansii) ameliorates glucose and lipid metabolism in a high fructose diet-impaired glucose tolerance rat model Hshuan-Chen Liu; Chun-Ju Chang; Tsung-Han Yang; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2015 Supplementation of chitosan alleviates high-fat diet-enhanced lipogenesis in rats via AMP-activated protein kinase activation and inhibition of lipogenesis-associated genes Chen-Yuan Chiu; Im-Lam Chan; Tsung-Han Yang; Shing-Hwa Liu; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2015 Red alage (Gelidium amansii) reduces adiposity via activation of lipolysis in diabetic rats induced by streptozotocin-nicotinamide Tsung-Han,Yang; Hsien-Tsung,Yao; Meng-Tsan,Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2013 Low Molecular Weight Chitosan Accelerates Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Secretion in Human Intestinal Endocrine Cells via a p38-Dependent Pathway Shing Hwa Liu; Ya Wen Huang; Cheng Tien Wu; Chen Yuan Chiu; Meng Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2012-09 Effects of High and Low Molecular Chitosan on plasma Cholesterol, Glucose and Adipocytokines in Diabetic Rats Induced by Streptozotocin and Nicotinamide Hin-Pang Chang; Hsien-Tsung Yao; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2012-04 Effects of Long-Term Feeding of Chitosan on Postprandial Lipid Responses and Lipid Metabolism in a High-Sucrose-Diet-Impaired Glucose-Tolerant Rat Model Shing-Hwa Liu; Sih-Pin He; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2012-04 含Fibersol-2之綠茶對大白鼠脂肪組織影響之探討 謝侑霖; 曾憲鵬; 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2012-03 Chitosan Reduces Plasma Adipocytokines and Lipid Accumulation in Liver and Adipose Tissues and Ameliorates Insulin Resistance in Diabetic Rats Yu-Lin Hsieh; Hsien-Tsung Yao; Ron-Shan Cheng; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2012-02 醣類補充對四氯化碳誘導之急性肝臟損傷大白鼠的影響 黃建智; 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2012 Effects of chitosan oligosaccharides on drug-metabolizing enzymes in rat liver and kidneys Hsien-Tsung Yao; Mei-Ning Luo; Lang-Bang Hung; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Jia-Hsuan Lin; C K Lii; Chun-Yin Huang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2012 氯化鉻對Streptozotocin及Nicotiamide誘導之糖尿病大鼠血糖與血脂的影響 李冠儀; 呂佳珊; 岳麗盈; 陳韻如; 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2011-09 Correlation of Major Components and Radical Scavenging Activity of Commercial Tea Drinks in Taiwan Jia-Jiuan Wu; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Yi-Wei Chang; Jia-Yin Chen; Hui-Ting Yang; Chong-Kuei Lii; Jia-Hsuan Lin; Hsien-Tsung Yao
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2011-04 馬黛茶葉降低Streptozotocin誘導之糖尿病大白鼠血糖與血脂之探討 呂佳珊; 李冠儀; 岳麗盈; 謝侑霖; 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2011-03 Suppressive Effect of the Ethanolic Extract of Adlay Bran on Cytochrome P-450 Enzymes in Rat Liver and Lungs Hsien-Tsung Yao; Jia-Hsuan Lin; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Chong-Kuei Lii; Mei-Nin Luo; Wenchang Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2011-03 Effect of Shengmai San on Insulin Resistance, Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha and Oxidative Stress in Rats Fed on a High-Fat Diet Hsien-Tsung Yao; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Chong-Kuei Lii; Yi-Wei Chang; Su-Huei Hsieh; Jia-Hsuan Lin; Ruey-Hwang Chou; Teng-Kuang Yeh
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2011 馬黛茶葉降低Streptozotocin誘導之糖尿病大白鼠糖血及血脂肝脂質之影響。 呂佳珊; 李冠儀; 岳麗盈; 謝侑霖; 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2010-03 Effect of Chitosan on Hepatic Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes and Oxidative Stress in Rats Fed Low- and High-Fat Diets Hsien-Tsung Yao; Chong-Kuei Lii; Ruey-Hwang Chou; Jia-Hsuan Lin; Hui-Ting Yang; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2010 Chitosan Reduces Gluconeogenesis and Increases Glucose Uptake in Skeletal Muscle in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Shing-Hwa Liu; Yu-Han Chang; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2009-07 Effect of taurine supplementation on cytochrome P450 2E1 and oxidative stress in the liver and kidneys of rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes Hsien-Tsung Yao; Pin-Pin Lin; Yi-Wei Chang; Chiung-Tong Chen; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Ling Chang; Yu-Chun KuoHui-Ti Tsai; Teng-Kuang Yeh
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2009-04 鹼性電解水對高血壓大白鼠紅血球氧化狀態及血脂質之影響 趙盈鈞; 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2008-06 A comparative study on hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemic effects of high and low molecular weight chitosan in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats Hsien-Tsung Yao; Shan-Ye Huang; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2008-03 Shengmai San reduces hepatic lipids and lipid peroxidation in rats fed on a high-cholesterol diet Hsien-Tsung Yao; Yi-Wei Chang; Chiung-Tong Chen; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Ling Chang; Teng-Kuang Yeh
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2007-06 馬黛茶葉對第二型糖尿病大白鼠血脂質及肝脂質之影響 曾憲鵬; 廖靖婷; 陳佳音; 楊玉鈴; 張毓涵; 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2007-05 Apocynin alleviated hepatic oxidative burden and reduced liver injury in hypercholesterolaemia Long-Sheng Lu; Chau-Chung Wu; Li-Man Hung; Meng-Tsan Chiang; Ching-Ting Lin; Chii-Wann Lin
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2006-09 Effects of Dehulled Adlay on Plasma Glucose and Lipid Concentrations in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats Fed a Diet Enriched in Cholesterol Pao-Hua Yeh; Wenchang Chiang; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2006-06 Effect of chitosan on plasma lipids, hepatic lipids, and fecal bile acid in hamsters Meng-Tsan Chiang; H.-T. Yao
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2006-04 Chitosan Shifts the Fermentation Site Toward the Distal Colon and Increases the Fecal Short-Chain Fatty Acids Concentrations in Rats Meng-Tsan Chiang; Hsien-Tsung Yao
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2005-06 Effect of Yogurt Fermented by Lactobacillus planturum BCRC12250 and Lactobacillus plantarum BCRC10069 on Plasma Lipids and Liver Lipids in Rats 江孟燦; 陳冠福; 姚賢宗; 劉凱崴; 潘崇良
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2005 The effect of adlay oil on plasma lipids, insulin and leptin in rat B W Huang; Meng-Tsan Chiang; H T Yao; W Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2005 Physicochemical Properties of Water-soluble Polysaccharide Enriched Fractions of Adlay and Their Hypolipidemic Effect in Hamsters YEN-TSUN YU; TING-JANG LU; MENG-TSAN CHIANG; WENCHANG CHIANG
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2004-12 餵食山藥優酪乳對大白鼠腸道生理的影響 江孟燦; 陳冠福; 姚賢宗; 潛崇良; 劉凱威
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2004-04 The effect of high-fat and high-fructose diets on glucose tolerance and plasma lipid and leptin levels in rats B-W Huang; Meng-Tsan Chiang; H-T Yao; W Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2004 Effect of Yam Yogurt on Intestinal Physiology in Rats 江孟燦; 陳冠福; 姚賢宗; 潘崇良; 劉凱崴
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2002-11 Plasma Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Rats Fed a Diet Enriched in Chitosan and Cholesterol Hsien-Tsung Yao; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2000-12 Effect of chitosan on plasma lipoprotein concentrations in type 2 diabetic subjects with hypercholesterolemia Tsai-Sung Tai; W.H.H. Sheu; Wen-Jane Lee; H.T. Yao; Meng-Tsan Chiang
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2000 Effects of dehulled adlay on the culture count of some microbiota and their metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract of rats Chiang WenChang; Cheng ChinYen; Chiang MengTsan; Chung KingThom
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 2000 Effect of Dietary Chitosans with Different Viscosity on Plasma Lipids and Lipid Peroxidation in Rats Fed on A Diet Enriched with Cholesterol Meng-Tsan CHIANG; Hsien-Tsung YAO; Hsing-Chen CHEN
[食品科學系] 期刊論文 1996 Toxicity of bile salts (sodium cholate and sodium chenodeoxycholate) in rat Lai YiShow; Hwang DengFwu; Chiang MengTsan; Jeng SenShyong
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2012-08 幾丁聚醣對代謝症候群影響之研究 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2011-08 幾丁聚醣對代謝症候群影響之研究 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2011-01 100年度規劃病人用特殊營養食品風險管理模式 江孟燦; 蕭心怡
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2010-08 幾丁聚醣對代謝症候群影響之研究 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2009-08 幾丁聚醣降低血糖與脂肪組織之機制探討 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2008-08 幾丁聚醣降低血糖與脂肪組織之機制探討 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2007-08 幾丁聚醣降低血糖與脂肪組織之機制探討 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2005-08 糙薏仁及其膳食纖維對腸道生理的影響 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2003-08 比較高、低分子量幾丁聚醣對Streptozotocin引起的糖尿病大白鼠血脂質及血糖影響 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2002-08 比較不同蛋白質與膽固醇添加與否對原發性高血壓大白鼠血壓及血脂質的影響 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2001-08 膽固醇對糙薏芢降低STZ所引起的糖尿病大白鼠血脂質的影響 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2001-01 山藥對STZ所引起的糖尿病大白鼠血糖及脂質代謝的影響 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2001-01 蜆粉、蜆精的保肝功能之研究 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 2000-08 膳食幾丁聚醣及幾丁寡糖對脂質代謝及腸導生理的影響(III) 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 1999-08 糙薏仁影響糖尿病大白鼠血糖及血脂質作用之探討 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 1999-08 水產甲殼廢棄物製備之幾丁質類物質在水處理、食品、農業、化工、醫藥上之應用---膳食幾丁聚醣及幾丁寡糖對脂質代謝及腸道生理的影響(II) 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 1998-08 水產甲殼廢棄物製備之幾丁質類物質在水處理、食品、農業、化工、醫藥上之應用---膳食幾丁聚醣及幾丁寡醣對脂質代謝及腸道生理的影響 (I) 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 1995-04 幾丁聚醣降低膽固醇之營養生理研究及健康食品之應用 江孟燦
[食品科學系] 研究計畫 1993-02 魚油對Streptozocin所引起的糖尿病大白鼠之脂蛋白代謝與糖代謝影響之研究 江孟燦


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