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[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2018-12 Probe exciplex structure of highly efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence organic light emitting diodes Tzu-Chieh Lin; Monima Sarma; Yi-Ting Chen; Shih-Hung Liu; Ke-Ting Lin; Pin-Yi Chiang; Wei-Tsung Chuang; Yi-Chen Liu; Hsiu-Fu Hsu; Wen-Yi Hung; Wei-Chieh Tang; Ken-Tsung Wong; Pi-Tai Chou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2018-03 Cyanopyrimidine−Carbazole Hybrid Host Materials for HighEfficiency and Low-Efficiency Roll-Off TADF OLEDs Shu-Wei Li; Cheng-Hung Yu; Chang-Lun Ko; Tanmay Chatterjee; Wen-Yi Hung; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-11 Carbazole-bridged triphenylamine-bipyridine bipolar hosts for high-efficiency low roll-off multi-color PhOLEDs Ken-Tsung Wong; Tanmay Chatterjee; Wen-Yi Hung; Wei-Feng Tang; Hsiao-Fan Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2017-02 Remote Steric Effect as a Facile Strategy for Improving the Efficiency of Exciplex-Based OLEDs Ken-Tsung Wong; Wen-Yi Hung; Ting-Chih Wang; Pin-Yi Chiang; Bo-Ji Peng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016 Balance the Carrier Mobility To Achieve High Performance Exciplex OLED Using a Triazine-Based Acceptor Wen-Yi Hung; Pin-Yi Chiang; Shih-Wei Lin; Wei-Chieh Tang; Yi-Ting Chen; Shih-Hung Liu; Pi-Tai Chou; Yi-Tzu Hung; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2016 1,2-diphenylbenzimidazole-triaryla mine hybrided bipolar host materials employing fluorene as bridge for RYB and white electrophosphorescent devices Ke-Ting Lin; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Ken-Tsung Wong; Ejabul Mondala; Wen-Yi Hung
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015-11 Highly Twisted Carbazole–Oxadiazole Hybrids as Universal Bipolar Hosts for High Efficiency PhOLEDs Shuo-Hsien Cheng; Wen-Yi Hung; Ming-Hung Cheng; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Chin-Lung Chung; Tzu-Chin Yeh; Wei-Chieh Tang; Shou-Ling Huang; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2015 Merocyanines for vacuum-deposited small-molecule organic solar cell Ko-Wei Chen; Chong-Wei Huang; Shao-Yu Lin; Yi-Hung Liu; Tanmay Chatterjee; Wen-Yi Hung; Shun-Wei Liu; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014 Highly twisted biphenyl-linked carbazole–benzimidazole hybrid bipolar host materials for efficient PhOLEDs Shuo-Hsien Cheng; Wen-Yi Hung; Ming-Hung Cheng; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Atul Chaskar; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Shu-Hua Chou; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014 Bipolar Hosts Based on a Rigid 9,10-Dihydroanthracene Scaffold for Full-Color Electrophosphorescent Devices. Atul Chaskar; Wen-Yi Hung; Shou-Wei Chen; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Pei-Yu Hung; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014 New universal bipolar host materials withfluorene as non-conjugated bridge for multi-color electrophosphorescent devices Ejabul Mondal; Wen-Yi Hung; Hung-Chi Dai; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Pei-Yu Hung; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2014 The First Tandem, All-exciplex-based WOLED Wen-Yi Hung; Guan-Cheng Fang; Shih-Wei Lin; Shuo-Hsien Cheng; Ken-Tsung Wong; Ting-Yi Kuo; Pi-Tai Chou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-04 Fine-Tuning the Balance Between Carbazole and Oxadiazole Units in Bipolar Hosts to Realize Highly Efficient Green PhOLEDs Shuo-Hsien Cheng; Shu-Hua Chou; Wen-Yi Hung; Hong-Wei You; You-Ming Chen; Atul Chaskar; Yi-Hung Liu; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-02 Donor-acceptor small molecule with coplanar and rigid p-bridge for efficient organic solar cells Liang-Chen Chi; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Wen-Yi Hung; Yu-Hsiang Hsu; Ping-Chi Feng; Shu-Hua Chou; Yi-Hung Liu; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013-01 Fluorene-Based Asymmetric Bipolar Universal Hosts for White Organic Light Emitting Devices Ejabul Mondal; Wen-Yi Hung; Hung-Chi Dai; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013 Mechanoluminescence and Efficient White-Emitting OLEDs for Pt(II) Phosphors Bearing Spatially Encumbered Pyridinyl Pyrazolate Chelates Wan-Shan Tsai; Li-Min Huang; Guan-Min Tu; Yun Chi; Wen-Yi Hung; Yo-Cheng Song; Mei-Rurng Tseng; Pi-Tai Chou; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Ken-Tsung Wong; Shuo-Hsien Cheng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013 Highly Efficient Bilayer Interface Exciplex For Yellow Organic Light-Emitting Diode Pi-Tai Chou; Shih-Wei Lin; Ken-Tsung Wong; Wen-Yi Hung; Guan-Cheng Fang; Yuh-Chia Chang; Ting-Yi Kuo
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013 Manipulation of connecting topology in carbazole/benzimidazole universal bipolar host materials for RGB and White PhOLEDs. Ken-Tsung Wong; Shu-Hua Chou; Wen-Yi Hung; Chih-Ming Chen; Qu-Yuan Liu; Yi-Hung Liu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013 Molecular Topology Tuning of Bipolar Host Materials Composed of Fluorene-bridged Benzimidazole and Carbazole for Highly Efficient Electrophosphorescence Ming-Hung Cheng; Ken-Tsung Wong; Yang-Huei Chen; Wen-Yi Hung
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2013 Functionalized terfluorene for solution-processed high efficiency blue fluorescence OLED and electrophosphorescent devices Chung-Feng Wang; Wen-Yi Hung; Ming-Hung Cheng; Jih-Shang Hwang; Man-kit Leung; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012-11 A New Thermally Crosslinkable Hole Injection Material for OLEDs Wen-Yi Hung; Chi-Yen Lin; Tsang-Lung Cheng; Shih-Wei Yang; Atul Chaskar; Gang-Lun Fan; Ken-Tsung Wong; Teng-Chih Chao; Mei-Rurng Tseng
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012 Carbazole and Benzimidazole/Oxadiazole Hybrids as Bipolar Host Materials for Blue, Green, and Red PhOLEDs Hsiao-Fan Chen; Liang-Chen Chia; Wen-Yi Hung; Wei-Jiun Chen; Tsyr-Yuan Hwu; Yang-Huei Chen; Shu-Hua Chou; Ejabul Mondal; Yi-Hung Liu; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012 Cationic Iridium Complexes with Intramolecular Interaction and Enhanced Steric Hindrance for Solid-State Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Hsiao-Fan Chen; Wen-Yi Hung; Shou-Wei Chen; Ting-Chih Wang; Shih-Wei Lin; Shu-Hua Chou; Chih-Teng Liao; Hai-Ching Su; Hsiao-An Pan; Pi-Tai Chou; Yi-Hung Liu; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012 A novel heteroterfluorene for efficient blue and white OLEDs Shao-An Wang; Wen-Yi Hung; Yang-Huei Chen; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012 Peripheral Modification of 1,3,5-Triazine Based Electron-Transporting Host Materials for Sky Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and White Electrophosphorescent Devices Hsiao-Fan Chen; Ting-Chih Wang; Shih-Wei Lin; Wen-Yi Hung; Hung-Chi Dai; Hao-Chih Chiu; Ken-Tsung Wong; Meng-Huan Ho; Ting-Yi Cho; Chieh-Wei Chen; Chung-Chun Lee
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012 Indolo [3,2-b]carbazole/Benzimidazole Hybrid Bipolar Host Materials for Highly Efficient Red, Yellow, and Green Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes Hao-Chun Ting; You-Ming Chen; Hong-Wei You; Wen-Yi Hung; Sheng-Hsun Lin; Atul Chaskar; Shu-Hua Chou; Yun Chi; Rai-Hsung Liu; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012 Carbazole-based coplanar molecule (CmInF) as a universal host for multi-color electrophosphorescent devices Cheuk-Lam Ho; Liang-Chen Chi; Wen-Yi Hung; Wei-Jiun Chen; Yu-Cheng Lin; Hao Wu; Ejabul Mondal; Gui-Jiang Zhou; Ken-Tsung Wong; Wai-Yeung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2012 Spiro-Configured Bipolar Host Materials for Highly Efficient Electrophosphorescent Devices Sung-Yu Ku; Wen-Yi Hung; Chung-Wen Chen; Shih-Wei Yang; Ejabul Mondal; Yun Chi; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011 A new tricarbazole phosphine oxide bipolar host for efficient single-layer blue PhOLED Hsin-Hua Chang; Wan-Shan Tsai; Chien-Ping Chang; Nien-Po Chen; Ken-Tsung Wong; Wen-Yi Hung; Shou-Wei Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011 A carbazole-phenylbenzimidazole hybrid bipolar universal host for high efficiency RGB and white PhOLEDs with high chromatic-stability Wen-Yi Hung; Liang-Chen Chi; Wei-Jiun Chen; Ejabul Mondal; Shu-Hua Chou; Ken-Tsung Wong; Yun Chi
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011 Carbazole–benzimidazole hybrid bipolar host materials for highly efficient green and blue phosphorescent OLEDs You-Ming Chen; Wen-Yi Hung; Hong-Wei You; Atul Chaskar; Hao-Chun Ting; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Ken-Tsung Wong; Yi-Hung Liu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011 Efficient carrier- and exciton-confining device structure that enhances blue PhOLED efficiency and reduces efficiency roll-off Wen-Yi Hung; Zhong-Wen Chen; Hong-Wei You; Fu-Chuan Fan; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2011 Using a double-doping strategy to prepare a bilayer device architecture for high-efficiency red phOLED Ming-Tzu Kao; Ken-Tsung Wong; Wen-Yi Hung; Zhen-Han Tsai; Hong-Wei You; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Yun Chi
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-11 A New Benzimidazole/Carbazole Hybrid Bipolar Material for Highly Efficient Deep-Blue Electrofluorescence, Yellow-Green Electrophosphorescence, and Two-Color–Based White OLEDs Wen-Yi Hung; Liang-Chen Chi; Wei-Jiun Chen; You-Ming Chen; Shu-Hua Chou; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010-10 Diphenyl(1-naphthyl)phosphine Ancillary for Assembling of Red and Orange-Emitting Ir(III) Based Phosphors; Strategic Synthesis, Photophysics, and Organic Light-Emitting Diode Fabrication Bo-Sian Du; Chen-Huey Lin; Yun Chi; Jui-Yi Hung; Min-Wen Chung; Tsung-Yi Lin; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Ken-Tsung Wong; Pi-Tai Chou; Wen-Yi Hung; Hao-Chih Chiu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2010 A spiro-configured ambipolar host material for impressively efficient single-layer green electrophosphorescent devices Wen-Yi Hung; Ting-Chih Wang; Hao-Chih Chiu; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-07-01 Structural effects on the hole mobilities of indenothiophene-embedded homologs Teng-Chih Chao; Ken-Tsung Wong; Wen-Yi Hung; Tei-Hung Hou; Wei-Jiun Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-02-01 Hole Mobilities of Thermally Polymerized Triaryldiamine Derivatives and Their Application as Hole Transport Materials in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) Chi-Yen Lin; You-Ming Chen; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Fu-Chuan Fang; Yu-Cheng Lin; Wen-Yi Hung; Ken-Tsung Wong; Raymond C. Kwong; Sean C. Xia
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009-02 A New Ambipolar Blue Emitter for NTSC Standard Blue Organic Light-Emitting Device Tsung-Cheng Tsai; Wen-Yi Hung; Liang-Chen Chi; Ken-Tsung Wong; Cheng-Chih Hsieh; Pi-Tai Chou
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009 1,3,5-Triazine derivatives as new electron transport–type host materials for highly efficient green phosphorescent OLEDs Hsiao-Fan Chen; Shang-Jung Yang; Zhen-Han Tsai; Wen-Yi Hung; Ting-Chih Wang; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009 A thermally cured 9,9-diarylfluorene-based triaryldiamine polymer displaying high hole mobility and remarkable ambient stability Chi-Yen Lin; Yu-Cheng Lin; Wen-Yi Hung; Ken-Tsung Wong; Raymond C. Kwong; Sean C. Xia; Yu-Hung Chen; Chih-I Wu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2009 High-Luminescence Non-Doped Green OLEDs Based on a 9,9-Diarylfluorene-Terminated 2,1,3-Benzothiadiazole Derivative Sung-Yu Ku; Liang-Chen Chi; Wen-Yi Hung; Shih-Wei Yang; Tsung-Cheng Tsai; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008 An ambipolar host material provides highly efficient saturated-red PhOLEDs possessing simple device structures Wen-Yi Hung; Tsung-Cheng Tsai; Sung-Yu Ku; Liang-Chen Chi; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2008 An electron-transporting host material compatible with diverse triplet emitters used for highly efficient red- and green-electrophosphorescent devices Tsyr-Yuan Hwu; Tsung-Cheng Tsai; Wen-Yi Hung; Sheng-Yuan Chang; Yun Chi; Mei-Hsin Chen; Chih-I Wu; Ken-Tsung Wong; Liang-Chen Chi
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-12-11 Hole Mobilities of 2,7- and 2,2'-Disubstituted 9,9'-Spirobifluorene-Based Triaryldiamines and Their Application as Hole Transport Materials in OLEDs Yuan-Li Liao; Wen-Yi Hung; Tei-Hung Hou; Chi-Yen Lin; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007-10-25 A Novel Ambipolar Spirobifluorene Derivative that Behaves as an Efficient Blue-Light Emitter in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Yuan-Li Liao; Chi-Yen Lin; Ken-Tsung Wong; Tei-Hung Hou; Wen-Yi Hung
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2007 An Unprecedented Ambipolar Charge Transport Material Exhibiting Balanced Electron and Hole Mobilities Yuan-Li Liao; Chi-Yen Lin; Yi-Hung Liu; Ken-Tsung Wong; Wen-Yi Hung; Wei-Jiun Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2006-02-06 Employing ambipolar oligofluorene as the charge generation layer in time-of-flight mobility measurements of organic thin films Wen-Yi Hung; Tung-Huei Ke; Yu-Ting Lin; Chung-Chih Wu; Tsung-Hsi Hung; Teng-Chih Chao; Ken-Tsung Wong; Chih-I Wu
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2005-09-12 Enhancement of bipolar carrier transport in oligofluorene films through alignment in the liquid-crystalline phase Li-Yin Chen; Wen-Yi Hung; Yu-Ting Lin; Chung-Chih Wu; Teng-Chih Chao; Tsung-His Hung; Ken-Tsung Wong
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2005-08-01 Spiroconjugation-enhanced intermolecular charge transport Chung-Chih Wu; Wei-Guang Liu; Wen-Yi Hung; Tsung-Li Liu; Yu-Ting Lin; Hao-Wu Lin; Ken-Tsung Wong; Yuh-Yih Chien; Ruei-Tang Chen; Tsung-Hsi Hung; Teng-Chih Chao; You-Ming Chen
[光電科學研究所] 期刊論文 2004-08-16 Influences of oligomer length on carrier-transport properties of oligofluorenes Chung-Chih Wu; Tsung-Li Liu; Yu-Ting Lin; Wen-Yi Hung; Tung-Huei Ke; Ken-Tsung Wong; Teng-Chih Chao


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