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[輪機工程學系] 研究計畫 2012-08 鈦酸鍶離子取代陽極之電氣與催化特性及其機制研究 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 研究計畫 2011-06 應用於顯示器之奈米螢光體/高分子混成材料開發研究 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2011-01 微波處理能源材料的應用技術 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 研究計畫 2009-07 低溫製作燒結高離子導電率固態電解質及阻抗量測研究 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2009-03 綠色微波輔助有機聚合技術 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 研究計畫 2008-08 節能製程製備晶核控制成長螢光體及其發光與結晶性研究 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 研究計畫 2007-08 介孔氧化物陣列特性及光敏太陽電池研究 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2004-12 微波促進材料界面結合之應用 張宏宜; 洪尚河
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2003 微波在材料的世界 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 1996-02 Electrical Properties of Microwave Sintered (Sr 0.4 Pb 0.6 )TiO 3 Ceramics Horng-Yi Chang; Kuo-Shung Liu; Chen-Ti Hu; I-Nan Lin
[輪機工程學系] 研究計畫 2009-08 微波輔助介孔氧化物陣列光敏特性研究 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 研究計畫 2010-08 固態氧化物燃料電池核殼結構混合陽極之研究 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2011-02-15 Effects of rapid process on the conductivity of multiple elements doped ceria-based electrolyte Horng-Yi Chang; Yao-Ming Wang; Chia-Hsin Lin; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2011-09-01 Ionic Compounds Lamination Reaction and Characteristics of Photosensitive Copper Indium Sulfide on Titania Nanotube Arrays Horng-Yi Chang; Wei-Jei Tzeng; Chia-Hsin Lin; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2010-06 Highly Efficient Cathodoluminescence of Nanophosphors by Solvothermal Route Horng-Yi Chang; Hsien-Der Lee; Mei-Lun Wu; Li-Jiaun Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2009 低溫燒結多元摻雜CeO2基固態電解質之研究 王耀明; 謝濠全; 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2008-12-01 Luminescence and Crystallinity Enhancement using Nano-oxide Horng-Yi Chang; Yuh-Ruey Wang; Mei-Lun Wu; Li-Jiaun Lin; Ling-Na Tsai; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2009-05 奈米管陣列光敏能源材料 曾韋傑; 張宏宜
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2009-01-01 Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 thin films with different thicknesses obtained at low temperature by microwave irradiation Ankam Bhaskar; Tsun-Hsu Chang; Horng-Yi Chang; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2008-08-15 Microwave Sintering of Ferroelectric PZT Thick Films Horng-Yi Chang; Syh-Yuh Cheng; Ching-Iuan Sheu
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2007-12-06 Synthesis of Li1.1Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode material using spray-microwave method Horng-Yi Chang; Ching-Iuan Sheu; Syh-Yuh Cheng; Hung-Chun Wu; Zheng-Zhao Guo
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2007-10 Effect of Microwave Annealing Temperatures on Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films Ankam Bhaskar; H Y Chang; T H Chang; S Y Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2007 Microwave Enhanced Sintering of Tape-cast Ferroelectric Films Horng-Yi Chang; Ching-Iuan Sheu; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2007-01-22 Low-temperature Crystallization of Sol–gel-derived Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films using 2.45 GHz Microwaves Ankam Bhaskar; T.H. Chang; H.Y. Chang; S.Y. Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2004-10-18 Controlling interface characteristics by adjusting core–shell structure H.Y. Chang; S.Y. Cheng; C.I. Sheu
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2004-12 Si–Ca species modification and microwave sintering for NiZn ferrites Yin-Ju Yang; Ching-Iuan Sheu; Syh-Yuh Cheng; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2003 Core–shell Structure of Strontium Titanate Self-grown by a Hydrothermal Process for Use in Grain Boundary Barrier Layers Horng-Yi Chang; Syh-Yuh Cheng; Ching-Iuan Sheu; Yi-Hui Wang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2011-03-09 Ba(Zn 1/3 Nb 2/3 )O 3 Ceramics Synthesized by Spray Pyrolysis Technique Mei-Hui Liang; Chen-Ti Hu; Horng-Yi Chang; I-Nan Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 1997-10 Electrical Properties of the Positive Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity Materials with 490 ° C Critical Temperature Yen-Yi Lin; Chen-Ti Hu; Horng-Yi Chang; I-Nan Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 1997-09 Densification Behavior of Y 3 Fe 5 O 12 Materials Prepared by Microwave Sintering Process C.H. Lin; H.Y. Chang; I.N. Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2011-03-17 High T c Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistivity (Pb 0.6 Sr 0.3 Ba 0.1 )TiO 3 Materials Prepared by Microwave Sintering Horng-Yi Chang; Horng-Wen Chen; Chen-Ti Hu; I-Nan Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2006-08-19 Modification on PTCR Behavior of (Sr 0.2 Ba 0.8 )TiO 3 Materials by Post-heat Treatment After Microwave Sintering Horng-Yi Chang; Yen-Yi Lin; Chen-Ti Hu; Kuo-Shung Liu; I-Nan Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2011-03-01 Conventional and Microwave Sintering Studies of SrTiO 3 Horng-Yi Chang; Kuo-Shung Liu; I-Nan Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 1995-12 V-shaped Positive Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity Characteristics of Microwave Sintered (Sr 0.4 Pb 0.6 )TiO 3 Horng-Yi Chang; K. S. Liu; H. W. Chen; J. T. Tan
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2018-07 Microwave effect on barium strontium ferrate and co-fired fuel cells Yao-Ming Wang; Shun-Feng Tsai; Yu-Lin Kuo; Kuang-Hui Chang; Tai-Cheng Chen; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2018-04 Structure and luminescence of core-shell phosphor aluminate-boron oxide Chen-Yu Wu; Chien-Ming Lei; Toshiaki Takei; Rudder Wu; Shing-Hoa Wang; Chau-Chang Chou; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2017-12 Fabrication of Pr2NiO4-Sm0.2Ce0.8O2-δ composite via co-electrospinning and its application in cathode of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells Te-Wei Chiu; Heng-Yi Shih; Horng-Yi Chang; Yao-Ming Wang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2017-08 Preparation and performance of PrLaNiO4 and (La0.75Sr0.2Ba0.05)0.175Ce0.825O1.891 composite cathode material by solid state reaction for IT-SOFCs Te-Wei Chiua; Ming-Xian Lin; Heng-Yi Shih; Bae-yinn Hwang; Horng-Yi Chang; Yao-Ming Wang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2016-11 Novel lanthanum and cerium coatings on (Ba, Sr)-ferrate cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells Yao-Ming Wang; Chia-Ming Chang; Jing-Shiang Shih; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2016-05 Electrical transport properties of CoMn0.2−xGaxFe1.8O4 ferrites using complex impedance spectroscopy Chien-Yie Tsay; Yi-Hsiang Lin; Yao-Ming Wang; Horng-Yi Chang; Chien-Ming Lei; Shien-Uang Jen
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2014-12 Surface-condensed piezoelectric fibers and composites Horng-Yi Chang; Chung-Hao Yi; Chia-Hsin Lin; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2014-06 Preparation and Characterization of Blue-Light-Excited Nanophosphors Using an Economically Low-Energy Process Horng-Yi Chang; Chen-Yu Wu; Kuocheng Huang; Yunshan Lo; Iwen Shen; Hsingchia Wang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2014-05 Ceria Diffusion and Electrical Properties on Lanthanum doped Strontium Titanate Yao-Ming Wang; Chia-Hsin Lin; Ching-Iuan Sheu; Ying-Chang Hung; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2013-05 Effect of In2S3 Buffer Layer in TiO2/In2S3/CuInS2 Structure Wei-Jei Tzeng; Mei-Lun Wu; Li-Jiaun Lin; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2013-05 Novel Microwave Reduction Sintering for Perovskite Anode Horng-Yi Chang; Yao-Ming Wang; Chia-Hsin Lin; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2013-05 Phosphors Surface Modification and Luminescence Enhancement by Microwave Energy Horng-Yi Chang; Chen-Yu Wu; Ching-Iuan Sheu; Chia-Hsin Lin; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2012-12 Electrical Properties of Lanthanum Strontium Titanates Modified by Microwave Sintering Yao-Ming Wang; Chien-Ming Lei; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2012-12 Fabrication and Characterization of Flexible PZT Fiber and Composite Chung-Hao Yi; Chia-Hsin Lin; Yi-Hui Wang; Syh-Yuh Cheng; Horng-Yi Chang
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2012-10 Twinned Formation in Weld Metal of Titanium Bearing Nano Precipitated High Strength Steel Ping-Wei Hsu; Fang-Hsin Kao; Shing-Hoa Wang; Jer-Ren Yang; Horng-Yi Chang; Yao-Ming Wang; Qian-Xuan Lin
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2012-07 Microwave Annealing of YAG:Ce Nanophosphors Ankam Bhaskar; Horng-Yi Chang; Tsun-Hsu Chang; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[輪機工程學系] 期刊論文 2012-05 Novel Core-shell Structure of Perovskite Anode and Characterization Horng-Yi Chang; Shing-Hoa Wang; Yao-Ming Wang; Chien-Wei Lai; Chia-Hsin Lin; Syh-Yuh Cheng
[機械與機電工程學系] 期刊論文 2019-02 Nanothick aluminate long-afterglow phosphors using inherited hydrothermal deriving Chen-Yu Wu; Chien-Ming Lei; Rudder Wu; Toshiaki Takei; Chau-Chang Chou; Shing-Hoa Wang; Horng-Yi Chang


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